Mom Pride

Little Brother thus far has gotten something neither of his elder brothers did: a purely breastmilk diet. Due to circumstances beyond my control with each of them, they were given formula bottles in the hospital. Big Brother never learned to latch properly, so I pumped what I could and he got formula for the rest. […]

Random Thoughts of an Admittedly Sleep-Deprived Mom

This is not a sleeping baby. This is a baby that should be sleeping but is enjoying tummy time, instead. While my not sleeping baby was on his tummy, I got to looking at his head. Why is it that the hair grows long in some places and almost not at all in others? When […]

My sister-in-law officially joined the family last night in a beautiful service. We love her and we’re so glad to have her and her two amazing children. Middle Brother in particular adores the kids. I have only been to a few weddings in my life that were not my own, and none of them with […]

Review: How to Be a Family by Dan Kois

I am usually not much of a nonfiction reader, but how can a mom of three not read a book called How to Be a Family? Especially when the subtitle indicates world travel. I wasn’t sure I’d love this one. I’ve read my fair share of parenting books with all their “shoulds” and been unimpressed, […]