My sister-in-law officially joined the family last night in a beautiful service. We love her and we’re so glad to have her and her two amazing children. Middle Brother in particular adores the kids.

I have only been to a few weddings in my life that were not my own, and none of them with small children. My eldest cousin got married when Big Brother was two, but children were not allowed so we found a babysitter. I have certainly never been to a wedding with two small children and a husband in the wedding party. I may have bitten off more than I could chew.

Big Brother ended up skipping the service so that Little Brother didn’t get too hot. I nursed Little Brother behind a room divider and hoped Middle Brother didn’t seriously harm his new cousin while they wrestled in the middle of the dance floor. I constantly felt like I was failing at least one child and making more work for other family.

But now that I’m not in the middle of it, here’s the beautiful thing: my children were all happy and got to be present for an important event in the life of our family. Any photos from the reception will show us all having a fantastic time. We got to bond as a family, even if I didn’t get to be fully present for everyone for every part of the wedding. I have a beautiful life and an amazing family to share it with. Plus, check out those little boys in their tiny dress clothes!

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