Momming’s Hard, but the Reading’s Easy

I was wise enough to expect that becoming a mom to littles again would change my reading life. I just thought it only meant there would be less of it for a while. What I’ve found instead, is that it has dramatically changed how I read.

When we started our partnership with Kobo at my day job, to provide eBooks competitively to indie bookstore lovers, I diligently purchased a Kobo Mini. I discovered a lot of ARCs were available in eBook that you would never see in print, and tried really hard to get into it, but just couldn’t embrace reading on a screen.

Later, when we started our partnership with, to provide digital audiobooks to our customers, I started immediately taking advantage of their bookseller ALC program. What that looked like for me, though, was that I just downloaded one of their available advanced titles if I was really interested, and I often took longer to get through them than if I had read a physical book, because I only have a ten minute commute. When I had reading time at home, I read “real books”.

When it was just me and Big Brother, I had time to sit and devour three to five books in physical form a week. This will always be my preferred method of reading. I just love a physical book. But with the addition of two more boys in the span of two years, I was lucky to get through my book club pick in a month.

Audiobooks are great for all the shuttling boys around I’m currently doing. The Kobo is perfect for while I’m nursing, because holding a behemoth of a book like Voyager is just not happening while hanging onto a baby. Now that Little Brother is sometimes going to bed at a reasonable hour and sleeping long stretches, I can pick up that physical book for a while when the boys are all asleep. What this means for me is that, for the first time in my life, I’m reading multiple books at a time.

I’m currently reading the aforementioned Voyager in paperback, Beyond Piggy Banks and Lemonade Stands in eBook, and What We Talk about When We Talk about Books on audio. What I’ve found in the admittedly rather short time that I’ve been doing this is that as long as I’m reading in three very separate genres, I can keep up with all three well.

So, yes, I’m still reading a little less than I used to. But overall, it’s a lot easier to maintain the kind of reading life I want for me personally while raising three boys. I’m so grateful to get to keep this part of myself alive while still being present for my little men.

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