Review: The Warehouse by Rob Hart

I listened to The Warehouse as a audiobook. A note on the narrator: She. Is. Flawless.

Now about the actual book: It made me very angry. I promise, that’s a compliment. In the near future, a corporation, Cloud, has basically taken over the United States, claiming the market decided. We follow two characters. The first was the CEO of his own company that was forced out of business by Cloud demanding cheaper and cheaper prices. The second is a corporate spy hired to find out how Cloud actually produces their energy.

There’s a lot I want to say about this book that I can’t without spoilers. What I can say is that an independent bookseller and a person in the world, I dug the correlation between the thinly-veiled Amazon business model and the dystopian novels I grew up with, like Fahrenheit 451. I loved the investigation into how much the market really decides when you’re actively eliminating their choices while they try to make that decision. So, there’s all that great thinky dystopian stuff.

On top of that, it’s a pretty great thriller. It’s not all moral philosophizing here. Trying to figure out what’s behind the scenes of Cloud is a wild ride, from both characters’ perspectives. The farther I got in the book, the harder it was for me to pause. And there were a couple of really big surprises.

All in all, this is a pretty remarkable book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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