This Is How It Always Is

We got everything out of the old apartment and surrendered the keys yesterday. After a long and busy book fair season, getting used to a brand new store, the holidays, and moving the house, I was really looking forward to just relaxing at home and gradually unpacking the remaining boxes this weekend and maybe getting some reading done.

Naturally, Big Brother woke me up before 5 AM on Saturday because he had a stomach bug. I spent the morning trying to keep the littler boys away from him and get some things unpacked while making sure he had what he needed, but by afternoon, Middle Brother just wanted to play with his brother.

So, we got out of the house for a bit. We turned the keys in, we picked up Little Brother’s jacket from the sitter it got left with last week, we went to our favorite local bakery, mostly for their delicious Nutella latte for a very tired Mama, but also so Middle Brother could apparently just rub chocolate all over his face. Middle Brother, who napped a bit during the driving around, woke up asking for a slide, so we stopped by the park to enjoy the weather. Big Brother texted to ask for a large ice water (our new fridge is huge and gorgeous, but we can’t get the icemaker to work), so we picked up water for him and dinner for us and got home in time to watch a movie before starting bedtime.

Once I finally got the little ones to sleep, I felt that thing moms feel, like I should be doing the unpacking now or at least reading the book for an upcoming author event at work, but I didn’t. I reminded myself that motherhood means there’s always something to be done, and there’s always something else popping up to prevent you from doing it, and sometimes you just need a break. So, I called a girlfriend and got in some adult conversation time, and then watched Outlander as I fell asleep. I’ll get some unpacking done between cooking and playing, and it will all get done eventually, and everyone will survive. But more importantly, they’ll feel loved and seen, and I’ll feel rested and appreciated.

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