I’m Definitely a Real Adult Now

I realize I haven’t been posting much at all lately, but it’s been a long time since I posted about life outside of books. The holiday season has been nuts. We had a lovely Christmas with family, but on December 23rd, we took up residence at our new house. The move is ongoing.

Yesterday, I loaded the dishwasher for the first time. Since I may not have mentioned it previously, our beautiful, weird, perfect home came with all the kitchen appliances. It was definitely a bonus to not worry about those purchases right after a down payment. I adore the side-by-side fridge, but hadn’t even looked at the dishwasher.

Upon opening it to load, I squealed with delight, then immediately took a picture to text to a friend. This is how I finally began to feel like a real adult person at the age of 35 with three children. I got so excited about a dishwasher that I texted a friend, you guys.

In my defense, it is pretty fabulous. The shelves both have high clearance, the racks fold down in places so I can put in those large dishes that I’ve always had to wash by hand, and it has a second sprayer on the upper shelf to wash those dishes better. Anyone would get excited about that, right?

I also got an air fryer for Christmas, now that I have the counter space for another small appliance, and spent some of my Christmas money on a new adjustable showerhead and kitchen faucet with a sprayer.

The boys are loving having their own rooms. I was worried about how Middle Brother would adjust to being alone, and on top of it, his toddler bed broke in the move. Fortunately, we’d gotten a low double bed from my parents set up in his room in case I had to sleep in there with him some nights, and he has made it his own. Pictures of his room will be forthcoming once we get all the decor he got for Christmas set up. (Don’t worry, he also got plenty of toys.)

Little Brother is finally sleeping in an actual crib, and not in the pack and play in the living room with me on the couch. He always had a crib, I just didn’t want to be waking my husband with the nighttime feedings and we’d just gotten used to the setup.

Big Brother got some LED lights he can change colors with his phone, so his room looks pretty awesome, although since it’s the size of the master suite, it also looks pretty bare. I’m sure he’ll find ways to fill it up over the years we still have him at home.

While I’m ready to be done with the move, we’re all very excited to have spent our first Christmas in our own house, and I’m loving every minute of this journey with my boys.

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