Review: Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon

First of all, Of Curses and Kisses is Beauty and the Beast-inspired, and who doesn’t love a fairy tale retelling? Second, it’s YA that doesn’t have insta-love. Go, Sandhya Menon!

I have not been reading a lot of YA, lately, although my TBR just got taken over by it. But this was next on my reading list, and that’s my system for audiobooks. I am so glad.

This book has everything you could want: romance, intrigue, a curse (maybe), arranged engagements, well-developed main and side characters. If you’re looking to read more diversely, it also has an Indian princess and a British nobleman as its main characters.

I loved Of Curses and Kisses from the beginning. It was easy to get into, and it never let me down. I love that there’s just the hint of a curse, but in general it’s contemporary fiction. I loved the main couple, and I’m very excited there are plans for a series so some of the side characters should be getting stories. The HEA is totally appropriate for the age of the characters, and while there’s some cussing, there’s no sex and not a ton of language, so it’s appropriate for most of the YA age spectrum.

I got a free download of this book from in my job as a bookseller. A note on the narrators: They were both good, but odd together. The female narrator’s voice is very soothing, so everyone it switched from her to the much louder male narrator, it was jarring.

This book is for fans of Cruel Beauty, The Paladin Prophecy, and Splintered.

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