Review: Emily’s Tiger by Miriam Latimer

I went to Baltimore for a work conference, and in my downtime, I checked out Charm City Books, because how can you not visit an indie bookstore? It’s an adorable little store with very sweet store pups, and I recommend it for anyone while they are in the city.

I bought one of the Edgar the Raven board books for Little Brother, because Baltimore, but I decided to get Emily’s Tiger for Middle Brother instead of something locally-themed because he is obsessed with tigers and yet we had no books featuring them. We do have An Ambush of Tigers, which I adore, but there’s only one page with actual tigers on it, and now he only wants to see that page.

This book was an excellent choice. There is a tiger on almost every page, which is why I bought it without really reading it. It turns out, it’s about a little girl who turns into a tiger and ruins things when she’s angry. Middle Brother, being a toddler, is experiencing some anger management problems right now, so this is great for him. It gives us a new, age-appropriate way to discuss when he starts acting out. Also, he does seem genuinely interested in it, and the illustrations are adorable.

This book is definitely for those looking for a less literal version of When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry. A caveat, though, it is kind of a lot of words for a two year old, so unless your kid happens to love tigers, this may be for a slightly older child.

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