This may appear to be a bowl under a sink…

… but it is, in fact, an empty bowl under a sink. In case anyone is wondering what my latest excuse for not reading is, this is it. Last night, as I was finally settling down to read, Husband informs me that there’s a drip under the kitchen sink. Since it’s the drainage pipe dripping, he reasons it will be safe to leave it overnight and deal with it in the morning. He is not wrong.

My brain, however, will not stop wondering why the pipe is leaking. I cannot settle into reading. I. Have. To. Know.

It turns out that due to the constant, dramatic change in temperature that is winter in Houston, the little plastic pipes had expanded and contracted until they shifted just enough to drip. I actually didn’t find out the why until I discussed it with coworkers today. But I did find the how, and I fixed it.

Home ownership is fun, you guys. I’m sure there will be many more challenges, some I can’t fix on my own. But I am damn proud of myself today (just not of my reading stats).

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