So, We Did a Thing…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything at all. I have still been reading. Some reviews will be posted soon. I have also been very busy, although that’s not likely to stop soon.

This beauty officially belongs to us. We are homeowners. I feel a bit like this is not real. After all the annoying last minute requests for random paperwork, we went in and signed a stack of papers today, and now it’s ours.

This backyard belongs to my boys. They will have a yard to play in when the weather is nice. They can color on the patio with sidewalk chalk. We can set up a kiddie pool next summer.

All this counter space belongs to Middle Brother and me for our cooking. That freezer will hold so much pumped milk. I have been dreaming about this backsplash, even if I do dislike the countertops.

There’s a lot to be done. It’s a forty-year-old house. Moving is my least favorite thing in the world. But at the end of it, we will be living in our own permanent space. I will never have to move four bookcases (some double-shelved), two suitcases, and some totes full of books again if I don’t want to. (Also, if you know us in real life, don’t mention the suitcases of books to Husband. He doesn’t know.) Tomorrow, I’m taking the three boys to see our new home.

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