Review: Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

Fair Play feels like a game changer. I don’t generally follow celebrity book clubs, because I’m in book clubs in real life and have three billion not book club books to read, but I looked into Reese’s since I felt so informed by this book. I’m going to at least consider the titles going forward.

Eve Rodsky specializes in organizational management, and she’s applied those principles to making a system to create equity in household labor. That sentence sounds really dry, but the book isn’t. She uses her own marriage as an example as she illustrates how the Fair Play system works. She walks us through the ways we may be contributing to the problem without realizing it (I personally am incredibly guilty of the frustrated “I’ve got it” approach), the types of husbands we might be dealing with and how best to approach each, and then (get this, ladies) a solution.

The solution is a process, but it’s a process meant to be easily individualized for each family. I am really excited to try it. I spend a lot of time venting with my girlfriends about the amount of household work we still take on as fulltime working mothers, and I would love just that time back, not to mention the time I’m actually doing the household work.

Obviously, since I just read the book, I can’t personally attest to the results, yet. I have set up a date with Husband, though, to work out the system for our family, and I’m really excited about it.

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