Review: Outfox by Sandra Brown

I have read three Sandra Brown novels before and adored all of them, so I went into this one with high expectations. That was probably my mistake. When I go in expecting something phenomenal, I automatically start picking apart any flaws. Overall, I did enjoy this book, so go ahead and read the rest of the review.

It feels like they’re marketing Sandra Brown as straight thriller now, and she’s still not. This is definitely a romantic suspense. There’s nothing wrong with that; I love romances. I just think readers should know what they’re in for.

What I didn’t like about this book as a romance: Insta-love. Insta-lust may be more accurate. It annoys me in YA. I can’t stomach it in adult fiction. Also, in this particular scenario, it was a really inappropriate person to be lusting after. What I did like about it as a romance: Lots of steam. The author does a great job of building up the heat. As the relationship evolves, I hated it less because it made sense for the characters to be attracted to each other. I just wish that’s where it started.

The suspense portion of this book starts slow and gathers speed as you go. It’s one of those where you think you know who the bad guy is from the beginning and the suspense is more in waiting to see how it ends. Sandra Brown kicks ass at this. I loved it. By the end, I was sitting in my minivan letting Middle Brother watch a movie before coming in from daycare so I could finish it. And there was a total blow-your-mind twist towards the end. I sat in shock.

I would definitely recommend Outfox for romantic suspense fans who aren’t completely put off by insta-love or regular suspense fans who don’t mind some sex. I do just want to include a brief warning that if you’ve struggled with fertility issues, this may not be for you, as there are some unrealistic outcomes in that regard that may be hurtful.

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