Boys of Summer

We are in that portion of summer in southeast Texas where between 9 AM and 9 PM it is really too hot to have Little Brother outside. Middle Brother is in a big pretending to be wild animals phase, so he normally manages to wear himself out, anyway. Big Brother, of course, would be fine being on his phone all day. But today was just one of those days where everyone, including Mom, was going stir crazy.

We have not bought a house. We have not even put an offer in yet. So, on the surface, looking at furniture for a house is a bit insane. But it’s also an indoor activity in a place large enough for Middle Brother to stretch his legs a bit. So, look at furniture we did.

To be fair, I have never shopped for furniture. When I got my own solo place for the first time, I got a couple of decorative pieces, all book-themed, but all online since I was hunting something specific. So, maybe there have always been high-tech furniture pieces and I just didn’t know. But these couches, you guys.

Big Brother fell in love with a power-reclining sofa with lumbar support and an adjustable headrest. There are light-up cup holders. The middle seat folds down for more cup holders, a built-in light, and legit power outlets. He tells me if we get this couch, he’ll be downstairs with the family more often. It’s a compelling argument.

Middle Brother really loves a coffee table that the top comes up to you while seated on the couch. I don’t tell him our current coffee table actually does this, in much the same way I haven’t told him at any point in the last two years, because I don’t want him messing with it all the time. He’ll figure it out eventually, and be delighted.

Little Brother seemed happy to have some different scenery to look at.

Premature furniture shopping may not seem like a typical summer activity, but around here, we do whatever we can to keep everybody sane.

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