Review: My First Yoga ABC by Teresa Anne Power

You haven’t really gotten to know me as a mom yet, so you may not know that I’m a scrunchy one. I’m all for natural childbirth if you can do it. I didn’t have time to choose for my last two, but big brother had to be induced and there was definitely an epidural. I like cloth diapers in theory, but as a working mom, don’t have time to deal with all that. I did baby-led weaning, rather than buying prepackaged baby foods.

I absolutely believe in teaching mindfulness and meditation from a young age, so that they’re always learning how to deal with tough emotions.

We read My First Yoga ABC for storytime last night. There is an illustration of a simple pose for each letter of the alphabet. We did the ones middle brother seemed particularly interested in, like butterfly. He’s obsessed with butterflies right now. His favorite, though, was zero. We got to the end of the book, and he kept doing it, then expecting me to do it, then doing it again, expecting me to, on and on. Let me tell you, zero really does elongate your spine. I needed it.

This is a cute, incredibly simple introduction to a meditation practice for little ones. There are all ethnicities represented in the illustrations, so every child will see themselves in there. We will definitely be adding it to our bedtime rotation.

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